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LED Electronics

Giltronics Associates Inc is a leading manufacturer of LED products. Supplying innovative LED products to the Automobile, Medical, Lighting, aerospace, industrial and municipalities. Advance in color LED technology and wireless networking are enabling new possibilities for lighting control.

Giltronics LED lighting manufacturing makes it easier and more cost effective to retrofit modern illumination systems while making the lighting systems controllers more convenient. Applications are Medical Surgical lamps, Automobile interior dash boards, Automobile LED head lights, rear tail lights, LED based street lights, traffic signals, street lamps, industrial LED Lightoffice lamps, LED signs all custom manufactured.

led manufacturingLifetime expectances have predicted up to 60,000 hours at high temperatures operating 12 hours per day. The street lights can easily operate for ten years without replacing the light source. Modern LED packages have a low thermal resistances of 69 degree C/W (K/W). This helps transfer as much heat as possible from the junction to the heat sink. Another advantage of neutral white high power LEDs is their spectral distribution make possible by advanced phosphor technology. LED lamps cast No shadow effect in a medical operating room.

High brightness lighting class LED devices are currently used in a wide variety of applications due to many advantages they offer over traditional light sources.