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Printed Circuit Board Assembly – PCBA

Our operation facilities provide you with the ability to source everything from quick-turn prototypes to volume production Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA).

Giltronics Associates Inc. is a Global Electronic Contract Manufacturing (EMS) company specializing in low, medium and high volume mix of printed circuit board assembly.

Giltronics Associates Inc. utilizes surface mount technology (SMT), ball grid array (BGA) and plated through hole (PTH) technology. Our global facilities are state of the art, ISO 9000 certified, and offer in-circuit testing, and X-ray inspection.

Giltronics has primarily two types of printed circuit board assembly and box builds. Consignment and Turn-key.  Giltronics offers quick turn prototypes, PPAP (Production Part Approval Process),  pre- production,  mass-production with testing.


Turn-Key: Giltronics manufactures PCB printed circuit board, supplies all components, cable s wiring, connectors, plastic parts, chassis, assembly and testing.


Consignment: Customer supplies the parts, components, PCB, chassis wire cable etc. Giltronics will assemble, test and package the product for shipping.

Giltronics offers complete electro-mechanical assembly services including box build, subassembly, and complete product contract manufacturing. We produce high quality mechanical assemblies for a variety of sectors of industry. In addition to mechanical assembly services, Giltronics provides Chassis enclosure, cable assembly, and electrical testing.

Giltronics specializes in the production of through-hole double-sided surface mount and mixed technology boards using the selective wave process and UV curing process. Using redundant, networked assembly lines, produces high quality assemblies using both a lead based soldering process and a lead-free, ROHS compliant process, depending on each customer requirement.

Giltronics has high-density component placement, as well as very dense RF communication modules and complex printed circuit board assemblies, including BGAs and micro BGAs. We process CAD data, create in-circuit programs, generate placement machine programs and develop test fixtures and procedures to validate the quality and functionality of all printed circuit boards in accordance with our customers’ expectations.

To assure the highest quality Giltronics provides X-ray, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and In-Circuit Testing (ICT) services. Our production associates are highly skilled, well trained and assemble and inspect to IPC-610 standards. Printed circuit board assembly processes are compliant to J-STD-001 and the facility has been audited and certified to this standard. Giltronics can produce high quality printed circuit board assemblies using either a lead based soldering process and/or a lead-free, ROHS compliant process.

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