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EMS-Electronics Manufacturing

Giltronics Associates would like to partner with you in developing or manufacturing a membrane switch for your electronics needs. Our switches are suitable of all types of environmental applications. We understand the food and drug industry, medical device, aerospace, automobile and industrial applications. We can design, prototype and produce volume production and lower your raw material cost. Give us a try, call us today for more details and discuss your project.

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PCBA-Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Our operation facilities provide you with the ability to source everything from quick-turn prototypes to volume production Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA). Giltronics Associates Inc. is a Global Electronic Contract Manufacturing (EMS) company specializing in low, medium and high volume mix of printed circuit board assembly. Giltronics Associates Inc. utilizes surface mount technology (SMT), ball grid array (BGA) and plated through hole (PTH) technology.

3D Design & Prototype

3D Design & Prototype

Electronic design can be done on 3D design software to a complex simulation of an integrated system. The designs are done by computer generated software eliminating all types of errors and creating working files that can be used for printed circuit board manufacturing and electronic assembly. The 3D process can also create hard to form parts that cannot be manufactured with present day hard tooling. The 3D forming can save our customers the hard tooling expense.

PCB-Printed Circuit Board

Giltronics Associates Inc. a leader in the PCB product industry. We are not only a manufacturer but also an innovator in PCB industry. We have sophisticated processes and advanced facilities for our PCB development. We have designed and produced many different types of PCB products including rigid, ridge- flexible and flex circuits.

Flexible Circuit Board

Giltronics Associates Inc. continues to be an innovator in the field of Flexible Printed Circuit manufacturing. Utilizing proprietary processes and advanced facilities, Giltronics designs and produces Printed Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuits and Value-Added PCB Assemblies. Our Flex Circuits are lightweight, compact, and fit easily into 3 dimensional packaging. They also offer improved thermal management and can support high signal speeds.

Systems Build

Our Electronics Engineering services are well established in providing a wide range of solutions addressing various stages of a product development lifecycle across industries.We are supporting electronics manufacturers by providing System Build end-to-end solutions for Electronics Distribution Systems. Right from design to prototype build support our solutions are a combination of technical competency gained over many years along with the latest technologies for

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