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Giltronics Associates Inc. is a global contract manufacturer for the electronics industry, specializing in Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Located in Los Angeles, California, Giltronics Associates Inc. responds to the demands of a rapidly developing electronic industry, providing SMT, PCBA & OEM, ODM services to a wide range of industry markets, including LED, telecommunication, computer application, lighting, game machine,  industrial control, power, automobile and high- end consumer electronics.

With a strong supply network and understanding that time and cost efficiency is critical to our customers, our mission is to deliver an efficient, flexible, and quality solution to the electronic assembly project. This includes prototype and quick turn-around PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, volume PCB fabrication, cable assembly, metal and plastic part fabrication, packing and shipping. Customers can order a single piece or 100,000 sets or more of a ready-to-sell product, including cable, enclosure and all metal and plastic parts needed.Giltronics Associates Inc. provides reasonably-priced, high-quality products and understands that flexibility doesn’t mean compromise.

Over 32 years of experience are available to every project and we know that our customers’ success is instrumental to our success.

We take pride in building winning products, partnerships, and market leadership in a competitive industry and economy.

Giltronics Associates Electronics Design & Manufacturing__.