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About Us

Giltronics Associates Inc.

Giltronics Associates Inc. is a global contract manufacturer for the electronics industry, specializing in Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).  Located in Los Angeles, California, Giltronics Associates Inc. responds to the demands of a rapidly developing electronic industry, providing surface mount technology, printed circuit board assembly, OEM, ODM services to a wide range of industry markets, including automobile industry, medical industry, audio, aerospace industry, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), robotics industry, sensor technology, Bluetooth and wireless technology.

We take pride in building winning products

Giltronics Associates Inc. takes pride in building winning products, partnerships, and market leadership in a competitive industry and economy.  We are a leading provider of electronics contract manufacturing services (EMS), delivering industry design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as extraordinary attention to service and detail. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have recognized the benefits of outsourcing and rely on electronic contract manufacturers (ECM) with Giltronics, to supply manufacturing expertise and resources, enabling them to concentrate on their core business.


Latest Technologies and Practices in the Industry

Giltronics Associates Inc. is a privately owned company that is responsible for developing rapid molecular and cost-effective electronics engineering, design, prototyping, and manufacturing with extensive printed circuit board assembly and now increasing its footprint in medical devices manufacturing that make use of cutting-edge technology.

Gil Manriquez, Founder and CEO


Giltronics has a strong supply network, understanding that time and cost efficiency is critical to our customers. Our mission is to deliver an efficient, flexible quality solution to the electronic assembly project. This includes a quick-turn design, prototype, and production.

Included are design and layout of the PCB, Gerber files, and Bill of Materials.  If this requires a system build we will supply all components wiring, cable assembly, plastic parts, metal fabrication, packaging and shipping.

Giltronics can provide our customers low and high volume production. We understand our customer needs the best price without compromising quality.

Over 32 year of experience of manufacturing in the industrial, automobile, medical, audio, aerospace, consumer product marketplace we are moving into the High Technology platform. Our new customers demanding us to develop artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), Robotics, Sensor, Bluetooth, and wireless devices technology.

We take pride in building award winning products, partnerships, and market leadership in a competitive industry.

Build and Work With Our Experts

Over 32 years of experience are available to every project and we know that our customers’ success is instrumental to our success. We take pride in building winning products, partnerships, and market leadership in a competitive industry and economy.

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