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The Benefits of Smart Home Electronics

Technology is moving so fast that million-dollar smart electronic systems for the home, featured decades ago in real-life and even sci-fi films, are now getting more and more affordable for the average home, and even built into modern offices and condos. All this has been made possible thanks to the technological advancements in electronics, communications and the internet that made these systems affordable.

The immediate thing that comes to mind upon mention of smart home systems is the smart home; how several aspects of the home or office are automated and enhanced thanks to smart home systems. These aspects include lighting, communications, entertainment, hygiene, comfort, convenience and security.

Now here are some benefits to having smart systems at home:

Energy Savings and Optimized Consumption – one system often featured in sci-fi and concept homes of the future is automatic lighting or presence lighting wherein the lights turn on and off depending on the presence of the person. Room and hallway lights turn on upon sensing the presence of an occupant, or if you choose to be retro, turn on upon hearing two claps of the hand. Nowadays, even the intensity of the lighting can be controlled depending on the time of day or even the mood of the occupants thanks to light sensors and integrated smart systems. These types of lighting can dramatically optimize and reduce a household’s or office energy consumption. No more forgetting to turn off the lights when not at home.

Better Security – Some systems can turn on the lights inside and outside when night falls for additional security. Some external lights now have sensors that detect outside lighting and turn themselves on at night. It’s perhaps the most basic element of a smart home and there’s no need for an internet connection; the same thing goes when opening the door to the bathroom and a walk-in or a broom closet. Turning the lights on when it gets dark is part of security and is often integrated in smart home systems. Some products that can turn your home into a smart secure home include smart lighting systems which can turn on your lights on command using an internet connection or simply the aforementioned sensor-driven lights. There are also modern door locks that feature thumbprint, voice and facial recognition as well as motion sensors combined with cameras that alert authorities of intruders, internet-connected or otherwise. Properly integrated, these systems can greatly add to the convenience and comfort of the home’s occupants.

Convenience and Comfort – It would be a great convenience if the house would open and wake itself up upon your arrival after a hard day’s work. There are smart systems out there that combine security with convenience and comfort. There are systems such as those that detect your car’s proximity using the internet and prepares the house upon your arrival by turning on the lights and setting on the thermostat. There would be no need to fumble for a garage door remote as the gate or garage would automatically open to welcome your vehicle. Smart systems for the home are mostly about convenience and comfort of course. It’s more convenient for the lights to turn on and off on one’s presence without having to reach for a light switch. Energy conservation is an added bonus. The same goes with thermostats that set the temperature depending on presence and/or voice commands as well as automatic doors that open and close at the presence, voice or thumbprint of the owner. A basic modern smart home can be achieved by integrating products such as the Amazon Echo, a NEST thermostat, a Bluetooth speaker, a smart TV and a smart lighting solution. The Echo conveniently controls all these other systems to control lighting, temperature and entertainment.

But don’t let Amazon or Google monopolize your choices. There are plenty of other smart systems for the home out there to choose from as the aforementioned options are just the start. There are companies that offer more robust or more complete solutions that make your life more comfortable, convenient and secure.

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