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Changing Healthcare With 1 Digital Pen at a Time


The benefit of the electronic medical record concerning patient safety are well established and have made the process of computerization a principal focus in the healthcare settings. In gadget head circle, has there ever been a more amazing invention than the pen? An incredibly convenient way of recording information that dates back thousands of years. The only difficulties with pen and paper in the modern days is how to put the information into your computer without wasting much time. But now there is a better solution the “digital pen.” The digital pen looks like a fatter version of the regular pens. The digital is packed with an electronic circuit, optical devices, and Bluetooth. They record the things you write as you write them and then transmit them automatically to your computer using wireless technology.

So how exactly does the digital pen works?

If you lose your medical note or your business plan you don’t need to worry because you got the whole thing digitally backed up in the digital pen in your pocket. Even the digital pen need some fixed point of reference, so they know where on the page you are making each stroke. That’s why each comes with a tiny receiver that’s attaches to the top the page. It’s a small plastic chip, like the clamp at the top of a clipboard that exchanges acoustic and infrared signals with the pen as it moves. The digital scribe’s receiver has a little screen with a digital page counter. The receiver has a power button, paused button, and three illuminated indicators. Both the receivers bear a tiny pen icon that flickers to confirm that it’s receiving and storing your scribbles. Each contains a battery recharges from your computers USB jack.

After your day in the field, connect the receiver unit to your computer USB jack. Software retrieves the written images, neatly organizing them by date and time. Alternatively, you can click a convert button to perform handwriting analysis, the kind that turns the handwriting into typed text, which you can edit.

What is different about a digital pen?

The inside of a digital pen has the same component as that of an optical mouse. The difference is that they are stacked vertically rather than horizontally. Where an optical mouse tracks your hand movements by reflecting light off your desktop, a digital pen does the same precisely by following almost invisible patterns of lines or pinpoints on a special paper. An optical mouse does not keep track of what you do, but a digital pen does keep track of everything it does. A digital pen has also had a convenient refill that leaves in a trail, just like normal pens. The ink trail is for your convinces as the computer doesn’t use it or see it in any way. Some digital pens upload when you plug them into a computer using a USB cable, while others are through a docking station that also charges the pen battery.

What can you use digital pens for?

Digital pens aren’t all the same. There are three different types of digital pen, and they are used for different works.

Handwriting pens: these digital pens are designed to capture your handwriting. If you are a fan of the pen and paper style of writing, digital pens might be entirely frivolous, but just consider for a moment how useful they could be in certain situations. Imagine how brilliant it will be for a student taking notes in classes or lectures to go back to his/her room, and immediately upload all your notes to your computer and print them out in neat and typed form. For medical doctors, it would be more convenient for you to upload the information you scribbled from your patient during an examination onto their records as soon as they left your consulting room.

Paper-tracking pens: this digital pen has some pretty new uses. The company that devised much of the technology behind the latest generation of pens. The brainwave behind this is not to produce better digital pen to but to reinvent paper so that it can overlay with an extraordinary complex, almost invisible pattern that’s easy to vary different purposes.

Scanning pens: it is a bit contradicting to call this digital pen since their essentiality is just text scanner and don’t actually write anything. You will actually see them described as pen scanners. Some are battery powered and have onboard flash memories to store things you scan when you get back to your computer.

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