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Sorry, what? .… Did you Say “ELECTRONIC” ASPIRIN?


An argument could be made today, most of our lives are now controlled by electronics. We no longer use a map to drive, we now pull out our phone and click google maps. Nowadays, technology has advanced greatly to the point where it could soon take up residence in our medicine cabinet in the form of Electronic Aspirin. The electronic aspirin is an implant that delivers low-level energy to the area of sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG). This device allows the stopping of cluster headaches at it first sign. The technology device involves the small permanent implant plus a remote that emits signals to the implant in order to relieve the pain. Electronic aspirin helps patient relieves pains when a standard aspirin tablet is ineffective. This technology is developed to help people con extreme headaches. A lot of patients get tired of the traditional ways of solving issues using medicines, or pills that take time to react.  Statistics show that chronic headaches and migraines are extremely common, affecting 45 million Americans and can significantly affect one’s quality life. It is, therefore, the belief of medical professionals that a facial bundle known as SPG is associated with severe headaches and migraines. In this regard, with more research and investigation, an innovative technology known as Electronic Aspirin which is made to relieve pain. Giltronics Associates team constantly explores efficiencies and innovations on devices.

This technology device comprise the permanent implant of a minor nerve-stimulating device in the upper gum on the side of the head, which is normally affected by headaches. The implant procedure is to get the almond-size device implanted, almost as easy as a wisdom tooth extraction. The devices are situated behind the nasal passages, and eye sockets since the SPG bundle of nerves are located outside the brain. When you sense the first sign of headaches, you place the hand-held remote control devices on the cheek area nearest to the implanted device. When you press the remote, a slight electrical charge stimulates the nerve cells, which works is to block the pain signals being sent out. Therefore, you have complete control of the device; you can turn it on and off as often needed. Also, you can leave it there or take it out when you longer need it. After using some people experience an immediate reduction in pain. Typically, it takes about 15 minutes to a few hours to feel relief.

The trial result of this autonomic Technologies has been approved to treat a migraine and cluster headaches in European countries. The result of the trials showed that when people suffering from cluster headaches used it, 68% of them reported improvement, as they felt less pain. Also, the weekly average headache was decreased by 32%, and 75% reported growth in the quality of their life. In this case, a clinical improvement means more than a 50 percent reduction in pain and over a 50% reduction in frequency. Other impressive result includes 67% reduction in pain within 15 minutes, significant pain reduction in 15-90 minute interval, and 89% reduction in attack frequency in 43 percent of patients.

Some of the symptoms include nausea, lowered blood pressure and throat numbness. The rear symptoms include nasal bleeding, temporary increase in headaches pain, and nasal infection. Most throat numbness lasts for a few hours at most. This is caused due to the numbing medication that is given during the procedure. You are advised to avoid eating or drinking this time to avoid the risk of choking. The problem with this technology is that it is allowed to users that have access to healthcare. Also, since it involves surgery and anesthesia, the cost of the product increase and the monetary aspect will play an important role. Even though it is very efficient, small and fast acting, the price can be the only barrier in this product. Although most insurance carriers will cover the cost of the procedure, if you have been diagnosed with headaches disorder, you should consult with your health insurance provider to be sure.

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