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Electronic Design and Engineering – The Perfect electronic Security System

Security is not just a threat in today’s society, it has become a necessity. Every day, various security agencies look for new ways to make security better and efficient.  Electronic Design and Engineering  of this electronic sound detector and transmitter might be the perfect solution to this challenge. This electronic device picks up sound from the surrounding, sends a call to a security personnel who takes the necessary step. This electronic device was not designed with feedback speakers so you won’t have to worry about being noticed.

The assembled printed circuit board (A-PCB) of this device electrically joins connects mechanical and electronics added components utilizing conductive layers/tracks and various additional features etched from copper sheet(s) laminated onto a non-conductive sub-strate. Components found on this board are the microphone, a micro USB Type-B port (for power source), capacitors, resistors and other active devices.  The device then would be quad-band. and should support the four global standard GSM frequencies (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz), so you would not have to bother about network challenges. You can have the confidence of it working around the  world. The power source of the device would be a cell. This cell can be constructed by any qualified electronic design service personnel. Power input would be a direct current (DC) between 5v/1.2A to 5v/2A. The cell used in the electronic circuit is set to be about 2000mah to 2500mAh, having in mind that a long lasting battery. This device could also be made to run directly from a mobile phone or similar charger ( USB Type-B’s).

How This Electronic Device Works

This electronic system works mainly with the microphone, the transmitter and the receiver. The microphone picks up sound waves which are amplified and sent to the transmitter.  The transmitter in turn sends these signals to the receiver (your mobile phone). The gadget transmits no dead events but live events which are currently in progress. The circuitry of the transmitter has been electronically designed to transmit signals spontaneously to the user’s mobile device. The receiving terminal gets a distress call from the transmitter as if it were a call from a relative, client, or a friend. Of course, electronics are designed to be a friend. This device has a two-way option switch. The first option only allows you to call this electronic device and listen in to conversations that are being detected. The second option allows the device to call you when it detects sounds, or if people are talking, while still allowing you to call the device and listen in to who’s talking.

Just insert a SIM card into your mobile, save the number it should call using your unique name. Insert the SIM into the electronic device. When this device is turned on, it would take off 15 minutes to enable the operator exit the area. After 15 minutes, it would turn on its microphone. This microphone would start listening for sound. Once any sound disturbance is detected in the environment, it would dial a number saved with a particular name on the SIM. This name would be defined when writing the codex for this system. This name might vary for different devices. The device would auto redial if there is no response at the other end and the disturbance haven’t subsided. The call would automatically drop if the sound isn’t detected for 5 seconds and the system would begin listening immediately. It would return the call if the disturbance reoccurs. If the call is dropped by the other user (the security agent), the system would wait for a 5 minutes before it starts listening for sound waves.

Electronic Design and Engineering of This Device

This device can be engineered professionally by any qualified electrical/electronic engineer. The various parts of this device can be found in an online/offline electronic store. Our trained electronic engineering team can assist you get this device designed in a short time. It would be designed to be very portable and would be as small as possible.

This electronic device could be used in numerous places for different purposes. Imagine a mall at night, the only persons allowed to navigate the environment are the security agents. These agents cannot be as much as the sections in the mall. Placing multiple of these devices and saving their contacts based on the location of this device (for example device one, stored as Managers Office). When there is a call from that location, it automatically calls the security on duty who picks up and verifies what is happening there. Being a trained personnel he takes the necessary steps. It could also be used at home not just for burglary but as a listener for parental control.