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Electronics Manufacturer, How to Select the Right One…

Before diving into some of the details that help determine how to select the right manufacturer, let’s explore a little of the fabric of what is entailed in “Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)”:

The term EMS can be used and has been used by companies that manufacture, design, distributes, test and supply return and/or repair services for electronic parts.  Some manufacturers specialize in just one of these services, while others can provide multiple of the services. Electronics technology is an evolving industry that is increasing rapidly in many areas within automation, telecommunications, Biotechnology and as of late, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual & Augmented Reality as well as Robotics. Nowadays business and industry depend on electronics technology for the precision. Electronics manufacturer, especially meaning consumer electronics, appeared in the 20th century and has now become a worldwide industry worth billions of Dollars. The fourth industrial revolution shifted the electronic manufacturing market to Asia. Now Asian markets are getting immersed in manufacturing. The living cost of the manufacturing hub in Asia is reaching the level of western cities. It will finally switch the face of the market. The advantage of the cost-effectiveness of these markets is reducing.


The emergence of term electronics can be considered in 1904 by a professor, name John Ambrose. He was a professor of electrical engineering in the university college London. He established the first radio tube called diode. Then in 1906, two professors independently created the amplifier tube called triode. The first electronic device ever designed is the relay. A remote switch managed by electricity was invented by Joseph, an American scientist in 1835. They also started to deliver design services use in software, mechanical and electrical sketch support. They monitor with regulatory requirements and various quality standards. Most of the electronics are designed in China due to speed, quality, and protection cost. They use PCB made of FR4 materials. They provide a variety of manufacturing services. They may be engaged at different stages of manufacturing process. They provide additional services such as printed circuit board (PCB). The advantage of using PCBs is for reducing the time and cost.



Medical Services are and have been another strong field of electronics expansion. More development is expected in the future. Few of the rapidly developing countries are acquiring medical appliances in high quantities. The developed nations are stepping to more complicated machines as well. The expansion is so high that manufacturers are unable to meet the deadlines. According to American business magazine, the manufacturing services industry will expand up to more than Forty Billion dollars of worth at the end of this decade.


Smart cars are shifting prominent in the present markets. A few years back, only expensive cars were using electronics feature. Now all vehicles use smart features. In the year of 2015, electronics was 40% part of the entire car in some varieties.


Electrical wastes are dangerous but also costly and sparse materials. Up to 60 or more than 60 elements can be found in complex electronics. The America and China are the worldwide leaders in the making of electronic waste. Each year they produce about 3 million tons of electronic waste.


The weather changes, the decades are aggravated to many folds. There is ascending pressure on the system and governments are made towards bright economies. The manufacturing industry is focusing on eco-friendly solutions. Government and systems are supporting high in renewable energies. One of the obligatory focused is on energy making via Carbon –method.


We discussed above that Asian markets are no prolonged cheap as it uses to be. Boston calculated that the difference in manufacturing price between America and Asia is only 5% now considering all the concealed cost. The other countries in South America are further increasing quickly and could be the target of manufacturing services. This market is not simple to predict as the changes were done in every five years.


A lot of heat is originated during the manufacturing operation. To keep cost low, many companies use evaporative cooling to overcome heat and manage humidity. It uses water to separate from the air. And it runs on limited energy.


New technologies appear all the time. One of the most sale-able and new technology is Flexible Hybrid Electronics. They bond elements of the industry with high precision printing. They are more flexible and lighter than any other electronic part. This technology is improving the path in which electronics are being worked.


Manufacturing is the center of a significant deal of changes. For future thinking, companies will be able to twirl these turn for their benefits.

Now How To Select The Right Electronics Manufacturer?

Selecting the right one needs thorough vetting, time investment and resources that end up paying dividend later on. In this consideration, here are some basic qualities, but all means not an extensive nor complete list to include in a due diligence research:


Most obvious of all criteria is experience. Experience should be the key factor in selecting the best in the league. It is recommended that the manufacture you select has significant experience in the electronics industry. The well established companies have more potential to do quality work.


Certifications such as ISO, AS9100 and DD2345 show the potential and commitment of the company towards their profession. It also provides the level to which they follow standards, regulation and best practices. It also shows how good they are in documentation. Electronics industry relies a lot on the compliance certifications, and it can only be achieved if company is serious about its certifications and documentation.


The manufacturer you are selecting should have competent design teams. Whether you are require designing the product from scratch or you have provided the schematics, the design engineer at least should be competent enough to review.


Your selected company should have strong quality assurance department. So that each unit produced should be checked thoroughly for its functions which you have marketed.


Excellent customer service is significant if you want this process to be error free and smooth. The post production services are also very important. What if there are any products which are faulty or needs repair after the supply. These kinds of issues need special care during the contract. And if your selected company has no good post sale service, you could face challenges.


EMS selects the one who is perfect or fit for their business as well. To filter out your problem or possible and enter at a shorter list, the first ever thing to glance for a fine overall fit. Then check the EMSs company size in connection with your business. At last, check out their existing references and existing clients/accounts to get a sense on how they have been doing.


Does the electronics manufacturer offers financing, terms, are they 30 days or 90 days for examples before payment is due. Financing has to be one of the top concerns specially for a smaller size or startup company.


Trust, reliability, background, experience, financing, are the most common areas of questions to address in selecting the right electronics manufacturer.

Do not hold back on any questions or concerns. The right manufacturer needs to be cooperative, attentive and provide all the necessary answers and properly address any concerns ahead of initiating any new contract being awarded. If there is a problem or friction, better to find out sooner than later of course.

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