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Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturing For Medical & Aerospace

flexible circuit board anufacturing for medical aerospace


EMS that promises efficient technology and greater cost savings:

Los Angeles, California, 31st January 2013 – For those searching for the right contractors who can offer Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturing Medical & Aerospace, Giltronics Associates INC is the right choice. They are the top contractors for the electronics industry with a global presence and specialise in ECM or Electronic Contract Manufacturing as well as EMS or Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Giltronics Associates INC caters to the demanding electronic industry, offering SMT, ODM, PCBA and OEM to a range of industries like computer applications, telecommunications, game machine manufacturers, industrial control, high end consumer electronics, power and automobile industry and much more. They have a strong supply network built over 32 years of experience in the industry and that means they offer superior quality solutions that are both efficient and flexible so that their clients can save time and money for any electronic assembly project they might have.

“We offer quick turnaround time for PCB fabrication and assembly and even handle volume PCB fabrication, metal and plastic parts fabrication as well as cable fabrication. Packing and shipping are also part of our work scope, and we ensure that your orders reach you on time. We have a range of customers; some order a single piece and other give us bulk orders of over a million pieces and we handle them all with the same diligence and attention to detail that is expected from a company of our stature”, says a team member. What makes Giltronics Associates INC stand apart is that their products are all high quality yet reasonably priced, so that their clients don’t have to compromise on any level.

Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturing Medical & Aerospace is their core potency and their PCB assembly units are ISO 9000:2001 certified. Their clients range from Aerospace, Medical, Automobile, Audio, communication and Consumer product industries and they have carved a niche for themselves with their excellent product designing, system building, prototype designing , circuit board manufacturing and circuit board assembly services.

“Today OEM recognizes the crucial role outsourcing to ECM industries like Giltronics Associates INC plays in their success and this is why we do our best to live up to the expectations of our clients. We understand that their reputation and credibility depends on our quality and hard work and we strive to work hand in hand with our partners so that all the products built form the parts we supply have great performance, last longer, comply with regulations and basically bring the end users a lot of joy”, says a senior associate at Giltronics Associates INC.

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