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Giltronics Associates Inc Factory received ISO 13485:2003 certification

Giltronics Associates Inc Factory received ISO 13485:2003 certification and has been approved to manufacture medical devices to this standard

Los Angeles, March 27, 2016 – Giltronics Associates inc (http://giltronicsassociates.com) is proud to announce that it’s overseas Factory has been approved as a ISO 13485 standard company which certifies that its Quality Management System for the medical devices belongs to this rigorous and detailed standard for the production, development, and design of devices that are intended for the rapid diagnosis of diseases and infections at the point of care. Early in the year, the company had focused its efforts to implementing a Quality Management System that would allow it to receive the ISO certification for making medical devices for the healthcare sector.

According to an official statement from the company itself, “The ISO 13485 certification was achieved by Giltronics Associates inc overseas factory in less than a year of persistent efforts that are a testament to the rigor, team spirit, professionalism, and efficient working system that prevails within the company. This achievement is an important step that has been taken towards the marketing of the company’s product in the United States – currently the company is stationed in Los Angeles, CA, and will be launching its service  line nationwide.”

The International Standards Organization (ISO) 13485 standard establishes the essential requirements of the quality management system that an organization must have in order to produce medical devices. A company must be able to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide medical services and devices that not only meet the requirements of customers, but meet the regulatory health requirements of medical services and devices as well. Giltronics Associates inc, having received this certification now, assures that all of its medical devices are aligned to the global regulatory requirements for medical devices and that these devices will be able to meet the requirements of its customers that will include (but is not limited to) hospitals, clinics, and home medical care.

Being and working with a ISO 13485 certified factory now, Giltronics Associates inc is  will now be expanding its own medical devices manufacturing and services that will be available nationwide throughout the US and globally.

About Giltronics Associates inc

Located in Los Angeles, California, United States, Giltronics Associates inc is a privately owned company that is responsible for developing rapid molecular and cost-effective electronics engineering, design, prototyping, and manufacturing with extensive printed circuit board assembly and now increasing its footprint in medical devices manufacturing that make use of cutting-edge technology. Giltronics Associates inc is a modern day electronics manufacturer that is focused on bringing advancements to the field of medicine. The company is looking for partners in development of instruments that is used for the early detection, prevention, and elimination of infectious diseases in the body based on electronics technology.

Giltronics Associates has a team of experienced professionals that are dedicated healthcare industry ready to partner with the right companies.

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