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Giltronics Associates present the new LED Circuit Board Assembly

Giltronics Associates present the new LED Circuit Board Assembly


All about LED Circuit Board Assembly

Los Angeles, CA- November 27, 2012. Giltronics Associates, the leading manufacturer and supplier of EMS proudly presents the LED Circuit Board Assembly. With over 32 years of experience in the industry, they have been an expert in industry design and production capabilities for long and are thorough professionals with their product detailing and services. OEM have even recognised the services of Giltronics Associates and their manufacturing capabilities of EMS and with this they have emerged as the market leader and have successfully designed and produced the LED Circuit Board.

Other new and emerging businesses across the globe look upto them for innovation and ideas beyond any other service providers capabilities. With this, Giltronics Associates is the proud leader in the field of EMS. Based out of LA, California, they not only excel in product designing, manufacturing and innovation of LED Circuit Board and other EMS but also in the manufacturing of automobile, medical, aerospace, audio, communication and consumer products as well.

Quality is part of their technological advancement and that is the reason why they have done so well in ECM and EMS. Giltronics Associates believe in quality standards and technology and have been an ISO certified company. They not just offer the best price for their products and this Board Assembly but also top notch quality, timely delivery and an excellent service network to its consumers. The house some of the most advanced machinery in the world and that is the reason why they have been able to supply the best quality products in the market and ensure great performance, longer shell life and meet the highest quality standards as well.

LED Circuit Board is an advanced circuit board assembly with an enhanced performance capability and a great long life. The technicians and software engineers at Giltronics Associates work day and night and have come up with the most sophisticated and reasonably prices LED Circuit Board Assembly till date. “Giltronics Associates are the best in the industry and I am proud to be associated with them for over 25 years now”, says Max, one the main dealers of LED Circuit Board. “Giltronics Associates products and LED Circuit Board Assembly are the most trusted, premium quality and energy efficient products in the market”, says Russell.

One can find out more about LED Circuit Board and other products and services contacting clients services at or calling the number below.

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Phone Number: 1800-846-5633

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