How A.I. helps Drones Navigate

The good; people are ruling the world with their talents; people are advancing technology with their intelligence. The bad; the world is becoming technologically dependent.  An aspect of current research is focusing on this push and pull between this dependence and the good that it might bring along with it.  Here we will discuss how AI is set to contribute more of the good than the bad and although the question of technological dependence deserve a much larger answer that we could answer in this article, we going to explore one small aspect of AI… How AI  helps drones navigation systems, and in its unfolding, hopefully help us, man kind navigate to seeing the good in it.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most discussed technologies in 2018. Recently, the use of artificial intelligence for drone has started and making itself indispensable most particularly in helping Drones navigate. Here we will discuss how AI helps drones navigate.

What is Drone?

A drone is a non-pilot plane. Its another name is UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). two types; a normal UAV, the other is a temporary UAV. Normal UAV has only one camera, fan, and some sensors. That helps it fly in the sky and go in the right direction. The temporary UAV includes cockpit, spy camera, GPS, sensor, writing sensor, etc. A drone has two systems, own systems, and the controller system.

What is Artificial intelligence?

The short form of Artificial Intelligence is AI. Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of the machine to give equal human intelligence. Now the use of AI is seen in different cases; Voice Recognition, Face Detection, Strategic Games, Pilot-less Drone, Drivers Without Vehicle, etc. Artificial Intelligence is using to navigate drones in recent times.

How AI helps Drones Navigate?

Drones is becoming certainly one the most fascinating and innovative technology as a toy and as a utility. It is used all over the world. So, scientists have always been trying to advance the roles drones play in our lives. And with this effort, AI is the next evolution in drones manufacturing. There has been a lot of research on the use of AI in the drone. Already they were able to implement some AI technology based drones, and the results are promising. So, how does AI really contributes to helping drones navigate?

  • To monitor the border areas

Due to the use of artificial intelligence in the drone, it is possible to give them some instructions, which can be used to think about what should do by itself. So, drones can be used to monitor the border areas. As a result, if the intruder comes to the notice of Drone, then it will be able to signal immediately. Specifically, it is easy to keep an eye on the places where weapons and bombs are tested.

  • In War Times

However, the drone has been used extensively for almost a decade in war zones, AI technology based drone will become even more effective. This drone will be able to strike a fierce attack on the enemy. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, the drones can communicate with each other while flying in the sky. So, the power of attack will increase. Besides, artificial intelligence can identify the enemy and determine the right time for the attack autonomously.

  • The drone can take your selfie

There is a kind of AI Powerful Drone called ‘Hover Camera,’ which can artificially take your photo. This drone has created by China’s Beijing-based startup company Zero Robotics. It can take your selfie. This selfie will be different from all other selfies. Because, the drone will choose your own angle, position by rotating mood. A good quality aerial view also can find there.

  • In Security

AI brings innovative changes in the technology of drone to navigate. The drone is now using in large number in the state’s security systems. The drone is beng using in border guard and patrols, border areas, and over forests. As a result, the drone’s artificial system gives a signal if any unwanted entry is seen. Drones are being used successfully with the help of wildlife conservation, forest surveillance, protecting private property, and protecting sanctuaries from hunting.

Is there any harmful potential of AI navigated drone?

Drones can turn into missiles, fake videos, public opinion, hacking – and all of them can happen with artificial intelligence if it goes wrong, or in the hands of bad people. The international security experts warned that if this technology goes to a wrong hands, who do not care about the law, wish to do harm, or if it goes to criminal activities, then bad will become more apparent.

So in the spirit of keeping and empowering these systems for good, when artificial intelligence is being created, inventors, developers and researches should also create them fully aware that they might be use to do harm and thus try to counter some of these possible uses to minimize any of their effects while in the process f their development process.

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