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Robots in Virtual Reality…new products landscape opportunity?

VR – Virtual Reality with Robot

With the rapid progression in the world of technology, everything is being transformed into a more modernized and scientific version of its previous self. The world is changing every day, be it a little or a huge difference.

Virtual World Based on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality creates such an environment around the user that users feel completely immersed in the virtual world and the users brain cut all ties with the real world for that period of time. It basically refers to a computer technology which is based on suitable software and proper coding. This coding enables the user to interact with all the constituents of the virtual reality environment (i.e. characters and objects of the virtual world).

User interact with the virtual world using components such as goggles, earphones and other equipment. These equipment create artificial sensory experiences for the users including touching, hearing and looking around. Virtual realities can be displayed on projector screen and also with a virtual reality headset or head mounted display. Electronic manufacturers try their best to supply costumers with sound products. For this purpose virtual reality electronics contract manufacturing is used. Virtual reality electronics contract manufacturing plays a key role in the progression of virtual world.

Virtual World and Robots

Robots are machines which are capable of carrying out numerous actions and are computer programmable. The movement of a robot is usually controlled by an external source.

Robots are being used to become interactive with the virtual reality technology. The term used for this purpose is Immersive Virtual Reality Environment (IVRE).  It enables the user to instruct or interact with a robotic system inside the virtual world, which is created by using simulation.

This interaction with robots and virtual reality technology can also occur in real time through a virtual proxy. In a natural immersive virtual reality environment, the user is provided with countless virtual tools for manipulating, controlling or interacting with the robots.

Aims of Creating Virtual Reality with Robots

Electronics manufacturers are more and more interested in using robots in virtual reality. Robotics is a vast field. In general, introduction of virtual reality in the field of robotics can have following positive impacts.

·         Improved Presence

By using robots in the virtual world, users can feel improved presence (i.e. users can have a better and closer experience to the real world while he/she is inside the virtual world). Robotics combined with virtual reality will provide an enhanced situational responsiveness. Therefore, complex tasks can be accomplished in a more natural way by using robots.

·         Improved Safety

Virtual reality ensures the safety of the robot. Even robots are sometimes put in such an environment which can be destructive for the robot such as near a heavy machinery. Visual reality enables the action of ‘move and grab’ capability without demanding the need of physical contact.

A Final Word

The technology has controlled and transformed our environment absolutely including health and fitness, games and videos etc. The advancement in entertainment industry due to the technology can be proved by the complex yet modernized technology of virtual reality.

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