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Smart Homes… Does it start with a Smart Microwave?

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With no other expected outcome…future homes will be smart. Either it be by choice or government mandates. This is apparent as the need to be more efficient in how we consume resources whether it is energy or water as main examples. As of 2012 certain municipalities already make it mandatory for new housing developers to offer solar panel on new construction as an option to the home buyer.

But while we wait for the smart home to be a standard, why not start small…why not a smart microwave and what is a such smart appliance?

Electronic manufacturing companies are prepping for this new wave of manufacturing. The Giltronics Associates research and development team is investing resources to be a leader in smart electronics manufacturing.

Now, a smart microwave is not just a machine that will warm up food, it’s a robotic chef that will take care of cooking for you! With the advancement of technology, we have seen advancements in every aspect of life. Microwave ovens were a highly successful and innovative invention first introduced way back in 1955. Since then, these ovens have been drastically improved to become smart devices that can understand the user’s exact requirements. This is done through the use of computing technologies such as artificial intelligence.

These smart microwaves are like Bluetooth microphones that feature a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA). This PCBA for smart devices enables devices to take decisions on their own by assessing logical conditions. Moving back to these smart microwave ovens, they are embedded with databases and wireless connectivity for improving user interaction. Generally, smart microwave ovens have the following features:

  • Timing control: The sensors within the smart microwave ovens automatically detects the type of food present in the oven dish. Through this, the microwave automatically sets and manages the cooking time for perfect taste and flavor. For instance, in the case of popcorns, these smart microwaves make use of sound sensors to automatically detect popping speed and stop cooking when done. This prevents overcooking or excessive number of un-popped kernels.
  • Temperature control: Embedded sensors within the microwaves enable them to detect whether the food is reaching optimal heat or not. The oven then makes necessary adjustments. The oven will steam, broil, bake, or fry your food as necessary during the cooking process. Most smart microwaves also feature a tank of water to accommodate different cooking modes. You simply feed in instructions and watch the magic work.
  • Portability: Another key feature of smart microwave ovens if WiFi connectivity and even Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to take control of the microwave right from your smartphone! No more do you have to get up and go all the way to your microwave to monitor or operate the process. Everything can be easily accessed and monitored right from your smartphone that acts as an ‘intelligent’ remote for the microwave oven.
  • Adaptable fan: Smart microwaves monitor and maintain the temperature outside them as well! These microwaves have integrated smart fans that automatically turn on when the cooking temperature rises ensuring that the air on the cooktop is cooler and healthier.
  • Economical: Perhaps the best feature of smart microwave ovens is that they can save a significant amount of electricity. The sensors within the oven automatically reduce the cooking time and temperature as needed. This reduces power consumption and hence, lowers electricity bills.

Smart microwaves are an advancement over traditional ovens that take cooking to an entirely new level. PCBA for smart devices such as these microwaves enable them to make use of computer-based software and hardware for taking intelligent decisions on their own. This enhances the user’s experience with the device and makes the devices more efficient, economical, and reliable.

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