What are Intelligent Transportation Systems?

Transportation Smart Systems: Intelligent transportation system

That’s right, as the transportation industry is putting artificial intelligence in the work, success has come at their fingertips. Technology is being used everywhere. The use of artificial intelligence is increasing. As it is, the intelligent transportation system is being used now. This technology has a good effect today and its continued use in the developed world. We will discuss this issue in this article.

What is an Intelligent transportation system?

Intelligent Transportation System, or short for ITS, is a new branch of Computer and Communication Technology. Whose main goal is to provide road safety, increase street performance and capacity and provide necessary help to the driver. The more advanced technology is being developed, the new ideas are being created. In such a smart transport system, vehicles are not only intelligible but simultaneously, everything related to transport systems will be intelligent and smart. Now the question is, how is it possible?

The answer to this question is seen in modern movies, where each car is co-operating with one another, contacting the street side units, generating a phone call, or by accessing the Internet, determining the direction of the path itself. Based on this concept, a new branch of Intelligent Transportation System has been created, called Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS). CITS’s basic communication type is five, these are called Vehicular Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle Structure (V2I), Structure from Vehicle (I2V), Structures from Structure (I2I) and Traffic Pedestrian (V2P). Basically, by establishing these five types of communication medium, it will be possible to increase the safety of the road without any untimely accident, and it will be possible to increase the road hold capacity by avoiding traffic congestion through proper coordination.

How it all works?

For example, if there is an accident on a street, it can immediately get a notice of the vehicles surrounding this cooperative network, so that he can carefully avoid the accident. Similarly, if there is traffic congestion on a road, the car driver will know it before entering the street and if any other alternative way he can take it. Cars are very fast on the highway, so if an accident occurs very close, the next vehicle is also accidental. But in this kind of emergency, the vehicle will be able to avoid the accident by using an emergency vehicle, such as an emergency brake, by using vehicle transport.

In recent times, the ongoing world of “Intelligent Transportation System” has been running a number of research projects aimed at adding intellect to the transport system. In these research projects, many private companies, including the governments of the country, finance. The purpose of this technology is to make road traffic safer, assist the driver, and increase street performance.

In the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, several countries in Europe, with the introduction of the intelligent transport system, some ITS safety measures have already been introduced. For example, through the Global Positioning System or GPS receiver, there are many types of services, including route selection, red light detection, speed limitation, and current navigation. Besides, automatic toll collection is also a service that helps in reducing traffic congestion.

The CITS framework is largely a combination of several computational and communication technologies and architectures, which are regulated by some standardization. One of the most popular communication technologies is the Vanet, which basically establishes communication with CITS as a kind of wireless communication system. Another name for communication technology is Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC), which is a 5.9 GHz Wireless Communication Technology. There are also GPS systems and various types of sensors for communication. And the whole thing is to coordinate the protocols IEEE802.11P and WAVE.


Using the Information and Communication Technology, the Transportation System is being started so that even if the driver is wrong, any decision-making vehicle can avoid unwanted accidents by itself. So, the number of road accidents has decreased greatly in the developed world. Apart from using Transportation Smart Systems or, Intelligent Transport System, communication has improved greatly, science has progressed.

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