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What ‘s So Great About Having IOT Internet of Things?

What’s Great About Having IOT Internet:

IOT Internet of Things is here, Whether you like it or not. Even Luddites cannot escape because the next TV they purchase would be a smart one, a member of the internet of things, that will be connected to YouTube or Netflix via wired or wireless connection. Even their next car, if they decide to purchase a new one will be connected to the internet in some fashion. The idea of IOT Internet of Things is to have physical devices, home appliances, vehicles and other items, (except of course phones and computing equipment) embedded with electronics and networked to a local network setup or to the internet. These devices will be enabled to collect, process and exchange data. The idea is to make them more useful and convenient and for that, there has to be some sort of interaction or communication. Basically, the internet is everywhere and IOT is the next step in the evolution of the things we use every day.

Aside from your new 4K smart TV you’ve been persuaded to purchase by some savvy store clerk, the most basic gateway to the IOT Internet of Things, is to purchase one of Amazon’s echo products. It’s basically another ‘thing’ that connects to your home wireless network that will tell you the latest about the weather, the news, your calendar and will play your favorite songs through Spotify. Your phone can do the same but it can’t hear your voice requests from across the room. An Echo dot as a bonus can be a hockey puck in case it breaks down. But there are many other IOT options from a growing range of product manufacturers turning to IOT to become more competitive.

There are plenty of ‘things’ now that are connected to the internet and manufacturers come up with reasons on why they should be connected. The reasons often enhance the device’s usability and convenience, for example:

  • Coffee maker – connected though Alexa or to another home system to start up at a pre-set time.
  • Washing Machine – connected to the internet straight to a smartphone to show the washing status and to download custom washing/cleaning cycles for a variety of fabrics.
  • Refrigerator – connected to the internet and is able to monitor the contents to remind the owner to purchase more of specific items.
  • IP Cameras – to allow homeowners to monitor their homes, their kids and their pets as well as keep tabs on security.
  • Oven or stove – connected to the internet mostly for safety reasons to enable them to shut down in case they’re left on.
  • GPS trackers – to track the location of vehicles, luggage, children and pets.
  • Toys – connected to the internet that can download additional functionalities and play music and can even double as security cameras
  • Health monitoring – blood pressure monitors, bathroom scales and other devices can also be connected to the internet or to your smartphone to enable the transmission of your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar content and heart rate straight to your physician or medical specialist.

As previously stated, there are plenty of applications for IOT Internet of Things aside from entertainment. Enabling devices to connect to the internet and communicate to our now ubiquitous mobile devices allow us to have greater convenience, comfort, safety and security. There are also plenty of medical, commercial and industrial applications for IOT imbued devices. These involve remote healthcare and monitoring for the elderly, as well as patients with disabilities and special needs; fleet management control and logistics for vehicles to monitor location, fuel consumption and safety policies and finally the monitoring and control of industrial equipment for performance and maintenance.

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